Our Vision

To connect the dots between research and strategy, creating more user-centric products

Our Vision

To democratise venture creation and to help bring more innovative ideas to life.

Products with purpose

Our Mission

Innovation is the primary force that improves life on earth. Product innovation is at the forefront of this. Unfortunately, too many (over 95%) of product concepts fail, due to building something without a true customer need.

Our mission is to create a user research platform for tech teams to run faster learning cycles, store user insights in one central location and easily validate which ideas will have the most impact.

Validate which ideas will have the most impact

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Who we are

Leadership Team

Mark Taylor


Mark is obsessed with all things startup, people, and travel-related. He has extensive experience working in Innovation, Project Management and Strategic partnerships, helping his last company reach a £430m acquisition. Mark is very active and loves to play tennis and go hiking.

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Chris Webb


Built and sold a psychometric profiling tool. Previous CTO of Open Innovation Engine (IDEO) and multiple other technical leadership roles. A passionate technologist, he is excited about solutions that both open up new opportunities as well as enhance peoples lives, especially those that help with product delivery.

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Greg Headshot

Greg Manzanera


A Product Management veteran. 10+ years of experience in product strategy, leading teams and building data science and software products.Into all things crypto, web 3.0 and digital. Avid traveller, reader and a big advocate of Keto. In his spare time, you can find him fencing or playing board games.

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