Our Vision

To democratise venture creation and to help bring more innovative ideas to life.

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Our Vision

To democratise venture creation and to help bring more innovative ideas to life.

What we want

Our Mission

We aim to do this by simplifying the iterative process of building a viable startup into an engaging product. We want to create a solution that is flexible, affordable and intuitive. Our vision will ensure that everyone in the world will receive the same access to high-quality guidance, resources and investment as those in western tech hubs. Did you know that only 1.8% of startups in the UK get into accelerator programs?
Everybody deserves the right to have the impact they want in this world, to leave their legacy. They also deserve to work on something they are passionate about. To empower these people, to prevent brilliant ideas from dying, is why BizNest was created.

Simplifying the Iterative Process of Building Viable Startups

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The core values which guide us to achieve our mission

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Who we are

Leadership Team

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Mark Taylor

Co-founder & CEO

Mark is obsessed with all things startup, people and travel-related. He is a project manager by trade, and also has experience in strategic partnerships and sales. He has a diverse role in the team at BizNest, but mainly focuses on product strategy, business admin and partnerships.
Mark is very active and loves to play tennis, hike and (weather permitting) snowboard.

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Nikola Dimitrov

Co-founder & CTO

Nikola is an experienced Developer and UX/UI Designer with a considerable entrepreneurship competence. He has an exceptional development expertise working with latest development frameworks but also managing teams and scaling startups by implementing modern, efficient and  industry-leading approaches. In his spare time he likes driving fast cars or having a nature trail walks.

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Duncan Brown

Co-founder & CDO

Duncan is a sensei sensemaker and synthesiser and will work with anyone willing to take a current problem and turn it into a future opportunity. Keep him away from empty walls because as a reformed graffiti artist he will either draw on it or more moderately cover it in multicoloured sticky notes.In his spare time, Duncan is currently slightly obsessed with fly fishing and horology.

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